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Pain Management

Provides simple diagnostic methods and criteria to differentiate various types of headache. Headache treatment recommendations, both acute and prophylactic, are provided. Algorithms, patient-education materials, and tables and figures are included to assist in establishing the diagnosis and selecting appropriate therapy. A separate chaper is devoted to the management of headaches in women, including menstrual migraines.

Seymour Diamond, MD - Director Emeritus, Diamond Headache Clinic
Merle L. Diamond, MD - Co-Director, Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago, IL

Proper evaluation of the pain complaint. Importance of understanding the underlying pathology of pain with the goal of matching the pain medication and treatment to the underlying pathology. Appropriate management of acute and chronic nociceptive (eg, visceral, inflammatory, postoperative, trauma), neuropathic (eg, CTS, postherpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy), and mixed-type pain (eg, headache). Detailed information on available pain medications.

B. Eliot Cole, MD - Executive Director, American Society of Pain Educators