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Bone & Mineral Metabolism

Concise scientific data presented on topics such as osteoblast and osteoclast regulation and genetics of multiple endocrine neoplasia. Useful tables and descriptions of clinical signs, symptoms, differential diagnosis, disease etiologies, and therapies cover the full range of calcium disorders.

Leonard J. Deftos, MD - Professor of Medicine, UCSD

Provides practitioners with practical and authoritative guidance on state of the art management of this condition. The pathophysiology of osteoporosis is reviewed. The diagnosis and screening for osteoporosis is discussed at length, including the proper use of bone densitometry and qualitative bone ultrasound, as well as risk assessment tools. Proper clinical evaluation is delineated and nondrug therapy is reviewed. Pharmacologic treatment options with antiresorptive agents and bone formation stimulants are discussed in detail, including results of key clinical trials. A separate chapter reviews evolving pathways and therapeutic targets.

Kenneth G. Saag, MD, MSc - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sarah L. Morgan, MD, MS, RD - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Gregory A. Clines, MD, PhD - University of Alabama at Birmingham