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New Second Edition of Gout: Diagnosis and Management of Gouty Arthritis and Hyperuricemia by Robert Terkeltaub, MD and Lawrence Edwards, MD Published


Professional Communications, Inc, is pleased to announce the publication of the updated, second edition of Gout: Diagnosis and Management of Gouty Arthritis and Hyperuricemia, by Robert Terkeltaub, MD and Lawrence Edwards, MD.

This is a clinician's handbook for diagnosis, treatment, and patient education for an increasingly complex disease. More severe and treatment-refractory cases are now commonly seen, with iatrogenic factors, multiple comorbidities, and advanced age. The text distills the genetic, translational, and clinical research advances during the last decade and presents state-of-the-art treatment modalities, including improved and novel evidence-based strategies and therapies, into a concise reference. Patient education, a key aspect of the success of gout management, is presented, focusing on the questions that patients most ask and care about.

Pharmacologic urate-lowering therapy, gout-flare prophylaxis, and difficult-to-treat gout are covered in detail in separate chapters. Comprehensive gout management guidelines are included. Numerous 4-color illustrations are utilized to convey key concepts.

The new edition has been updated to reflect the FDA approval of pegloticase and developments from the ACR 2010 annual meeting. In addition, the book has been expanded to review the role of high-resolution ultrasound in gout diagnosis.

Robert Terkeltaub, MD is Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego and Rheumatology Section Chief at the San Diego VA Medical Center. Lawrence Edwards, MD is Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology and Immunology at the University of Florida.

2011 • 272 pages • 4-color • ISBN: 978-1-932610-70-3 • $24.95

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